Youth Ministry

We at Aldersgate Youth Ministry (AYM) build relationships with God, the World, the Community and each other. Our ministry focuses greatly on building relationships.  The greatest relationship, of course, is with Christ.  Christ had a strong relationship with his closest friends (the disciples), his family,

Through Bible Study, missions, games, and fellowship our youth ministry follows the example of Christ and seeks to be the church Christ calls us to be. Join us on the journey as we explore the past through Bible study and how to apply the wisdom of the Bible to our lives today.  Be a part of the fun, the missions and life changing experiences as Christ works through your life as part of Aldersgate Youth Ministry.

Youth Lock-In

Youth Lock-In is on January 3-4, 2020  from 9PM – 7AM at Group Dynamics. Open to all Youth and Friends a well as Youth Alumni home from College during Holiday Break! $42Youth. Register HERE.

Wednesday/Sunday Night Youth

Wednesday Night @ 7:00-8:15 pm/Youth Hangout 6:00-7:00pm

We will be meeting in the youth room for small groups.  These middle school and high school small group will be taking a deeper look at scripture and issues surrounding our youth. 

Sunday Night Youth 5:30-7:30 pm

Sunday evenings are very exciting for our youth at Aldersgate!  We begin with a meal at 5:30 with all of our youth and volunteers.  At 6:00 we join together for youth worship lead by our awesome youth band.  We will usually conclude our evening with some sort of fun activity.

Sunday School

Sunday School7th & 8th grade meet in portable C to study the Old Testament.  These youth study the fun & exciting stories of the Old Testament. How tall was Jesus? Were the animals really brought on the ark two-by-two?  When did the wise men really arrive?  Were there 3 wise men?  Join this class and be ready for trivia challenges.  
Led by : Jordan Seibert and Gary Roberts

9th-12th grade meet in portable C. High School teens learn about the New Testament and life application.  Who was Jesus?  What can all the ancient stories really have to do with my life today? How can the Bible help me make the difficult choices in life? Why should I build a relationship with God? Why are there so many names for only 12 people?
Led by: Eric Christiansen and John Stanley

AYM Summer Mission Trips

Youth painting houseEach summer we take a week long, domestic mission trip, to serve others, sharing Christ through service and taking time from the “stuff” that pulls us away from Christ. We go to bless others and are richly blessed in return. We work hard, we worship and praise hard, and we play hard, too!  We are exhausted when we return and we can’t wait until next summer to do it all over again.  It is an experience like no other and every year is different. Words can’t do it justice, hearing the stories and seeing the pictures are not the same.  You have to experience it for yourself.  Yeah, it’s that amazing!

Youth Band

Currently lead and orchestrated by Jordan Seibert. If your youth has a passion for music (playing instruments, singing, and even technical stuff!), please get in contact with Jordan!

Sunday Night Dinners

Coordinated by Lance Phillips!  Volunteers are needed to bring a Sunday Night Dinner.  If you are interested, please contact Lance Phillips.

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