New Beginnings with Young Disciples

About 7 months ago, I got a phone call from our ministry partners, Metrocrest Services, asking if I might know of a church that could become the home for a Christian Day Care called Young Disciples Discovery Center, meeting in a facility Metrocrest Services was going to repurpose for their expansion. I agree, not knowing that through several conversations our church might be their future home. 

A lot has taken place since the phone call from Tracy Eubanks asking me for a favor.

  • Trustee Meetings:
    •  Does YDDP align with our mission and vision? 
    • Considering Building Use
    • Space Allocation
    • Parking
    • Drafting Lease Agreement                       
  • Finance Meetings to consider how much we would need to charge
  • Ad Council Meeting and vote to move forward
  • Meeting with Sunday School teachers to insure smooth transition                                     
  • City Council and Planning and Zoning Meetings
  • Required so get a special use permit for the church
  • Meeting with Fire Marshal to make sure our rooms are safe for the children.

Last Tuesday night the City Council voted to grant Aldersgate a special use permit, trustee met last night to ratify the 2 year lease agreement between YDDP and Aldersgate UMC. Therefor on February 1, Aldersgate UMC is the home of YDDP and will be their home for the next 24 months. They will be initially only using 2 classrooms with an option to add 2 more as their school grows. The lease is written with a graduated scale that grows as their numbers grow, to insure we cover all our cost to operating building expenses, plus allowing for extra income to be used for capital improvement or paying on our debt.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing with you more information about YDDP and their staff. So I hope you will continue to read below more about Lisa and YDDP and if you have questions please reach out to Charles (Trustee Chair), Pastor Sarah, or Pastor Rodney.   

I hope to see you in worship this Sunday as we continue look at how we can be courageous in 2021. 


Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor

Introduction from the Owner:

Young Disciples Discovery Center is celebrating 21 years this April. We come from a long history of Child Care Services & Education that runs deep in our families & in our staff history as well. We focus on raising children in a faith based program, teaching them their daily education, manners, structure, the transition needs for each age group & of course FAITH. We have been blessed with an amazing journey this far, still being in contact with many families from the very beginning and I can tell you there is nothing more rewarding than getting that card, invite, phone call or email from a child or their parent from 19 years ago telling you that they are in Law School, or Ministry, or Teaching, or a parent etc. Just knowing that we are still connected with those that we help raise is a blessing in itself. 

We strive to offer a true program that is taught from the heart and from the bible. Where children are loved as our family and our teachers, parents and owners are all connected on a family communication level and not just business. We strive to do community events, serving those around us through food drives, angel tree donations, shelter donations to the Women’s & Homeless Shelters, discount programs for our First Responder & Front Line Families, programs specific for our Single parents & so much more. 

Our drive is that we want all children to feel loved, worthy and accepted. 

Our Director (Mrs. Lisa) has been raised in Child Care. Her Mother and Grandmother both owned Child Cares through the USAF, and overseas, as well as here in the states. Lisa was homeschooled and graduated at 14, started college with UMD at the age of 15 through special programs, opening her first Child care at the age of 17 and continuing through today. Lisa officially started her Nanny Business at the age of 14, and it grew to being YDDC. 

Ms. Ricci is our current “Acting Director” as she is training to take Lisa’s place. Ms. Ricci has over 20 years in Child Care experience working in various centers & with children of all ages. She is currently, while training to be our Director, also our Lead Toddler Teacher. Our children & parents love her. Ms Ricci loves these kiddos and is an amazing Leader as well.

Mrs. Amanda is our “Assistant Director.” She is also our Lead Infant Teacher/Trainer. The children and parents love Mrs. Amanda. She came to us with years of Child Care experience under her belt, but was in a position of not feeling appreciated or heard at her previous center. We couldn’t ask for a more fun Infant teacher! 

Mrs. Lasha is our “Assistant Infant Teacher.” She is currently in training to step up and be a lead teacher. She came to us from the Health Care field & has loved every minute of working with children. She brings a lot of laughter and fun to the kiddos and loves each of them as her own.

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