Rodney Reflection: What do you see?

I was reminded of these fun quizzes you find find online… When you take them it tells you something about your personality or your state of mind at the time.  So take a quick look at these three photos and make a quick note of what you see first?

What are your eyes draw to first? 

Do you see two women in the first picture or the toy car in picture two or the old man with mustache on the bottom picture?

What do you see first?

I found myself looking in the mirror this morning longer than I normally do. This same question hit me, especially as I continue to reflect upon our new series lenses, upon the the power of lenses in my life, in the world, and their relationship to our faith, What did I see first?

Well, This morning I was drawn to the length of my hair and the extra gray. Then, I noticed how my face seems to have aged more than I remembered.  What does that say about where I am right now? Maybe my fatigue and feeling my age? 

What do you see first when you look in the mirror, or when you reflect upon your image?

Does it depend on the day?  For me, most definitely.
Does it change each time you look?  It sure does for me.
Do you see what others see?  this question is the most revealing of what is going on with my soul… 
Do you see what God sees? Honestly, sometimes… 

Ron Peterson emailed me after my message on Sunday and shared this observation: sometimes our lenses become dirty, smudged, and even scratched and that can mess with what we see.

That is so true, sometimes, my vision of myself get clouded or smudged by… 

Comparison, my job, my productivity, or by what others have said about me or to me…

What do you see first?

Do you see the child of the one true King? Do you see the child of God? Do you see the child who is welcomed with open arms, loved unconditionally, valued, and uniquely and specially equipped? 

COVID – 19 is taking its toll on me and probably on you too… both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What I have learned is that when life is tough, when life isn’t going as I had hoped, that in fact my lenses have gotten smudged or maybe even misplaced. And I have lost sight of the Good news of Jesus and the promise in my baptism. 

So today, as I looked in the mirror, I thought the words, Compassion, Humility, Patience. I looked at myself again and I prayed asking God to help me to put on those lenses today.  And also to help all of us remember we are precious children of God who belong to Jesus, part of the body of Christ. No matter what is going on in the world, or our lives, we are not alone. We are together in Christ.

See you in worship this Sunday!


Rev. Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor, Aldersgate UMC