Rodney’s Reflection: Can’t Escape

I am on vacation, but I can’t escape the news of the events of the past few days and weeks. Each person: Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Christian Cooper has evoked passionate responses from many, as witnessed by the protests taking place in cities across our nation. Their lives also stoke the fire within our hearts for justice for all our African American brothers and sisters. 

I believe it necessary to be on record stating that racism lives and as Christians, we are called to resist it in any form it presents itself.

“The sin of racism must die; our African American brothers and sisters in particular need to hear that the responsibility for its demise is not in their hands alone. We all have a role and a responsibility in removing it from our society forever.”  

Our voices need to join with United Methodist across North Texas. We need to stand in solidarity with our African American brothers and sisters. 

I am asking you to read Bishop McKee’s most recent letter and join me and United Methodist across North Texas by:

  • Making a commitment to work on Christ’s behalf for racial justice and equity.
  • Pledging to be passionate partners. Dedicated to driving racism out of the systems of business, education, government and community life in our world.
  • Join in Vital Conversations, led by our conference in our local church, so that we can engage with one another in conversations about racism, cultural diversity and institutional injustice. 

The journey has just begun. There is work ahead of us. I encourage you to read the Bishop’s letter. Recommit to Christ’s work for racial justice and equity and join the conversation. I look forward to the opportunities to work with you, our community, and our conference. 

See you in worship this Sunday!


Rev. Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor, Aldersgate UMC