Rodney’s Reflection: Family Talks

For the last couple of weeks, I have been blessed to be on our zoom Happy & Hour call. Linda Swindling and Pastor Sarah always have great questions and get the group talking. It hit me after we hung up on Monday, the question we could have asked this week was: “What is one of your favorite memories about your mother?” And I use the word motherin broad sense of the term. As any woman who has nurtured, cared, encourage, mentored, and loved you.

What would you say?

This is a complicated question for me. Since my mom died when I was a teenager, I carry with me a longing to have more time, more opportunities to make memories, and even some regret of how self-centered I was. Like most teenagers, during my mom’s cancer treatment I was busy and self-absorbed. I had no clue how bad things were, until we only had a very short amount of time.

Pastor Rodney and his mom.

So what was my favorite memory? I think it has to be the simple and regular time spent together. I remember how she spent time reading to me each night. I remember cooking meals together in the kitchen, learning to bake cookies and banana bread. But what I loved most was riding in the car with her for 5 and 6 hours going to my grandparent’s farm. I don’t remember being bored at all. What I remember was sitting in the front seat (I get car sick) and her asking questions and telling stories about her parents, her siblings, and growing up on the farm. It was time just to talk.

What is one of your favorite memories? I would love to hear it! Email me or if you share it online via Facebook (Tag me or PM me the link). Take some time to tell a story.

This Sunday, all across the country, people will be celebrating the women in our lives we have called ‘mom.’ I hope you will join me this weekend in celebrating ALL the women in our lives that have had great influence, have nurtured us, and loved us.

I know this year is going to be harder for some. Because of COVID-19. because you may not be able to be together as you always have, and other reasons. So I am hoping you will take time to pray for those whom Mother’s Day is difficult:

  • Those whose mothers are not nurturing.
  • Those whose mothers are no longer living.
  • Those mothers who are estranged from their children.
  • Those who are estranged from their mother.
  • Those whose children have died.
  • Those who want(ed) desperately to be mothers but haven’t had the opportunity.

Even if you can’t travel to your mother or she can’t come to you, physically because of COVID-19, invite her to join you for worship this Sunday online with us at 9:00 A.M. (Livestream) or host a watch party later in the day. And tell a story of how your mom impacted your life!


Rev. Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor, Aldersgate UMC