Rodney’s Reflection: Roadtrips

Do you have a favorite RoadTrip story? 

I love driving and seeing the amazing, beautiful scenery as I drive cross country. I love the adventure of trying new places to eat, exploring hole in the wall places, sing-a-longs, car games, and even roadside picnics. As a kid, this is the only way we traveled. I had never gone anywhere by airplane until I was in college. 

One of my all-time favorite trip adventures was to Orlando Florida. On the way, we survived a very stormy night with a tornado threatening camp in Georgia. Then, on the way home, we ran out of gas in the middle of Southeast Arkansas delta farmlands. My dad thought we could make it to the next town for gas. But, we didn’t.

Do you have a great road trip story? (if so share it me, would love to hear it).

Did you encounter anyone along the way?

On that same trip to Florida, I had an encounter that has stuck with me all these years. It happened in a church. We had stopped to worship, and during the worship service a man came into the service and started talking to people. I was young and didn’t understand he was begging. I saw a homeless person being ushered out of an affluent church. I wanted to know why. At that young age I began asking: Isn’t the church for everyone? Isn’t everyone welcome? At my home church, we had a homeless man who would attend church every week. Why couldn’t this man stay?

I don’t know what happened after the man was escorted out. Maybe they help him with some food or a cup of coffee. I sure hope so, but I will never know. 

What I do know is this: The encounter impacted me. That encounter stirred in my heart, a desire to be part of community where all are welcome and all might find a place to belong. It is why I love our Mercy Ministry Fund and how it provides help to individuals and families who find themselves in need and at our door. 

Have you had an encounter that has changed you or impacted the rest of your journey?

For the rest of July and all of August, I invite you to join the Aldersgate Roadshow Community (ARC) as we intentionally create community based encounters in front yards, back yards, parking lots, and parks. Tell a friend, invite someone to join you from home or online, and then join the Roadshow as we take to the streets of Carrollton each week encounter Jesus and share his love. 

Are you ready? I am!

Join me.

Pastor Rodney