Rodney’s Reflection: Social Distancing

Being isolated from others is not good for us, but with the new reality of COVID-19, I am trying to figure out health and socially responsible ways to live not in fear, but with hope, love, and compassion for all my neighbors. You and I are being asked to live into a new normal for what CDC and Dallas County says is 8 weeks.  

I have been social distancing for 5 days and 48 of those in complete isolation except for my dog. No I haven’t been exposed to anyone or around people who have traveled. I have been on spring break at the lake, and my kids went to grandparents for a few days. Which left me social distancing by myself. 

I haven’t seen anyone, well other than someone driving a car go by. It is really quiet and weird. As an introvert this sounded great. Which for some of the time it really is. But then it got really quiet when you don’t see anyone for 12 hours. What I really wanted is to hear another persons voice. Luckily I have a phone. I could called Allison (my wife), my parents (which I did), and Pastor Sarah, and other church leaders.

I wonder:

  • How are you doing?
  • Are you practicing good social distancing?
  • Or is there something else happening in your life, illness, struggles, concerns?  
  • Do you have individuals who you can talk to? 

Let’s be real, seeing someone, looking someone in the eye, across a table or next to you on the couch, is 100 times better than over the phone or on a screen. 

Most of you I see you on Sunday Mornings, some even during the week between meetings and small groups. I get to look you in the eyes, I get to hear your voice, I get to see for myself you are okay. But now because of the CDC guidelines, church in person isn’t happening. I haven’t seen you physically. I worshiped with Pastor Sarah and many of you online, but I didn’t get to see you physically. I didn’t get to look you in the eyes, to have a conversation, to check in.

This is tough. I want to see you! 

You want to see each other!

However, it is our social responsibility to participate in social distancing to protect our neighbors.  It isn’t about me, but it is about our neighbors who we might know or don’t know, who are at risk, who have suppressed immunity. 

Therefor I wanted to share with you the following updates: 


  • We will Worship Online ONLY March 22 or 29. In-person worship services will not be held, and all worshipers are encouraged to join online for 9:00 am or facebook live.
  • Please use our online giving, and online prayer request to stay connected during this time. You may also mail your offering to Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Attn: Finance, 3926 Old Denton Dr, Carrollton TX 75007.


  • All in person events, programs, and meetings have been suspended through Sunday, March 29, and they will be re-evaluated weekly. This includes Sunday night Youth, KOOL Club, small group bible studies, fitness classes, and many others. Church staff will be working diligently to contact all groups during this time.
  • Confirmation and Youth Sunday on Sunday, March 29th, is postponed. A new date will be determined at a later date.
  • The Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 4th has been canceled.


  • The church offices will remain open this week Monday-Thursday, 9:00-2:00.
  • Please help us keep our staff healthy by contacting them by phone or e-mail, rather than visiting the church.
  • Our staff and ministry leaders are committed to maintaining a healthy environment by limiting personal contact, washing hands frequently, and staying home if they are sick or have been around someone with symptoms. 


  • Caring for one another is the work of all members of the church. 
  • Call Sunday School and small group class members weekly.
  • If you or someone you know could benefit from connecting with a member of our Staff or Stephen Ministry, please contact the church at 972.492.9393 or 
  • The Pastors with your help will continue to care for our congregation, while taking precautions to protect everyone’s health. Phone calls and notes will be primary tools in staying connected.


  • Love Your Neighbor!
  • Reach out to anyone who you think may be feeling isolated or alone during this time. 
  • Pray for those who have been impacted.
  • Stay educated (CDC, WHO), and plan for if you or one of your family members begins to show symptoms.  
  • Consider ways that you may bless our medical professionals with acts of kindness and notes of appreciation. 
  • Stay connected with your friends and neighbors. If you know someone who may not have internet access, give them a call and share the information in this note.
  • If you need food, household supplies, or other things please contact the church office, if you know someone who needs food, household supplies, or errands, and you are able to support please reach out to them directly. We have persons who are willing to pick and drop off items to your door when needed.
  • Phone calls, texts, e-mails, and social media – stay connected! 

We have the opportunity for this to be one of our greatest moments as a faithful and committed followers of Christ. I want to encourage you “See” your neighbor. Let’s go into the days and weeks ahead with a balance of staying informed, praying for each other and caring for those in our community.

Remember this life altering time in history is temporary, and together we will impact lives and our community through Christ!



Pastor Rodney Whitfield

Senior Pastor