Rodney’s Reflection: The Race is still going…

Life is busy right now. Everyday something changes. And I am exhausted by all of it.

Today, our Middle School lost power because of the storms. As a result, the STARR test for today was postponed, which in turn postponed the choir concert this week to next. Which messed up several things I had already rearranged for the week. Now, I get to rearrange again.

“I want everything to stay the same,” is what I think to myself. But is that really true?

No. In the moment, I “think” I want status quo. Peace would be nice, but is not what I really want. What I really want is some rhythm and to keep momentum going. I really want some companions on the journey to share the struggle, but because of covid, carpooling and sending kids with a friend hasn’t been an option. I long to have a bigger team.

This feeling isn’t just part of my parenting right now, but also as a pastor. The Staff, the core leadership and I have been working hard for over a year, with lots of change and unknowns. We have been “racing.” And I am realizing how tired I am right now and how much I long for some rhythm, and continued momentum. No more starting and stopping.

 I have ridden a bike most of my life. And as any cyclist will tell you, momentum matters. Especially on a long ride. You don’t want to stop at every stop sign. You want to take the speed of the hill and use it on the flat or to get you started on the climb. It also is great to have others riding with you, to have others to help push or pull you along the way.

I grew up watching the Tour De France. I loved watching how the top cyclists in the world compete. It is a long race. Everyday, it seems someone new emerges from the pack (the peloton) and others chase. Because one gets out front, it pushes the whole group to go faster and harder. Then, the next day another leader emerges from the pack and again the pack chases. Each time the lead changes someone else is pushing the race ahead. The changes allow for different leaders to draft and rest a little, before they take their turn in pushing.

I realized this week how much I want rhythm to my daily routine. Less stopping and restarting, but also realized how much I long to see someone new emerge out of the peloton and take the lead, so we can keep on racing in spite of being tired.


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Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor