Rodney’s Reflection: What is Christmas?

What is Christmas to you? 
Is it the most joyful time of the year? 
Is it the busiest time of the year? 
Is it a “Time for toys and time for cheer”?
It is the Celebration of Emmanuel, God with us!

If you are looking for ways to keep hope, find peace this Christmas, I want to offer a few ways we might get the most out of the Advent Season.  

Worship, online or in person. 

Singing songs of the season, hearing the timeless story of the birth of Christ, and connecting with others allows us to receive the Christ child once again. This Sunday we continue our Classic Christmas Series as we explore Mary’s story and Charlie Brown!  

Look at the lights. 

John’s gospel reminds us that Jesus is the “Light of the World.” In the midst of the darkness, Christmas lights are a visual reminder Jesus’s light that came into the world and the darkness cannot be overcome.

Watch some of these great Christmas classics:  

It’s a Wonderful Life  
Miracle on 34th Street 
Home Alone 
Christmas Vacation
Charlie Brown Christmas

Read the story of the birth of Christ and other Christmas stories: 

The Polar Express
The Night Before Christmas 
The Gift of the Magi  

As we continue the journey Home for Christmas, I am praying for each one of you. May you experience the simple, yet profound, truth of Christmas: Emmanuel, God with us. I look forward to seeing you at worship this Sunday by the fireplace!


Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor