Rodney’s Reflection: Who do you see?

Who do you see around you? 

Does everyone you spend your time with look like you, think like you, vote like you, talk like you, or believe like you

When you see people in your neighborhood, in the stores, or in the car next to you, who do you see?  

I have this habit that I think you might have it as well. It is a habit of assuming someone is like me. I know this sounds a little presumptuous. We went to the same college or seminary, or we like the same bands, or we go to the same church and so I fall into this trap thinking they are just like me. 

Maybe you don’t do this, but I do and it isn’t until later and we start talking about a current event or the news. They say something that catches me off guard and it reminds me they are not just like me.

Or at times when I see persons as different from me, especially in our current divided, “us vs them culture”, I don’t engage, I steer clear of, or ignore all together, ultimately robbing me. 

While we all share a common humanity (created in God’s imagine, loved, and forgiven), common social and community interest, making the assumption about others without getting to know another life experience is harmful and prevent us from truly seeing each other. 

Over the next 4 weeks, I hope that together with the help of some biblical stories we can know God more fully, and learn how to see one another, listen to, respect, and affirm one another

I hope you will join us at 9:00 a.m. online or in person outside at our Fresh Air Service at 10:15 a.m.


Rodney Whitfield
Senior Pastor