Rodney’s Reflection: Who Will You Be?

Even in the midst of COVID, my kids and some of my friends are getting ready for Halloween.

People are decorating their houses, their front lawns, and they are making plans for the very important halloween costume. 

Who will you be this year? 

For my kids, this has evolved over the last several years. From Batgirl and a police officer, to a Japanese Anima character I have never heard of and a Pokemon character for 2020. 

Pastor Sarah even asked me this week, who I was going to be? That is a great question. I could always be one of my favorite Superheroes, because everyone loves being a hero. Or I could be an ATM machine because that is what it feels like with three children always asking for money for school, sports, clothing, shoes, or a new toy. 

“Who will you be in 2020” is a question to ask yourself beyond Halloween. In the midst of COVID, who will I be as a parent, as I try to make the best decisions for my children’s mental, spiritual, and physical health. Who will I be as a spouse, as we navigate the loss of Allison’s job after 20 years. Will I be supportive in trying new things, exploring new options, or will I try to control and push for normalcy and constancy of income? Who will I be? 

Who will you be? 

As we roll through the next three months of the year, who will you and I be?

Will we be:




Light in the darkness?

Someone to lean on?

A voice of reason?

The Body of Christ?

Halloween comes once a year. But, everyday You and I have a choice on who we will be. We have a choice on who we strive to be like. We all have a choice on who we follow. By the Grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, I choose Christ.

Don’t forget to join us on Oct 29, for Charge Conference, and November 1, as we celebrate All Saints and Holy Communion.