Spiritual Gifts

For a full detailed list of the Spiritual Gifts and Attributes, click here: Spiritual Gifts Descriptions and Attributes

Dive in and Discovery Your Gifts!

Spiritual Gifts Reflection and Assessment

This is a tool to discover your Spiritual Gifts:  online spiritual gifts assessment.  This assessment will take 15-20 minutes and it is very important for your journey into fellowship, leadership and service. There are no wrong answers. It is not a test. You cannot fail.  The confirmation of gifts comes through the experience of serving and in receiving the affirmation of other disciples who serve alongside you. So, just because the assessment indicates a number of gifts, it may not mean you are called to use all of them. Often when people take the assessment, they will score high on three or four spiritual gifts. That may mean that the person ought to try a service role that fits with one or more of those gifts as a way of confirming his or her gift through service.

This assessment is a map or a guide, not an authority. It can provide direction regarding how and where God might be calling you to serve the church for the purpose of creating healing in the world and building the body of Christ. As you begin to identify your spiritual gifts, keep these things in mind:

      • You have been given at least one spiritual gift for God’s purpose.
      • Spiritual gifts are different from, although not contradictory to, your natural talents.
      • The role of the church is to help you discover you gifts and find a place to use them.
      • No one gift is more important than another. Every gift matters.
      • Your spiritual gift is to be used to accomplish God’s mission in the world. In a real sense, it is your responsibility to glorify God and to give your gift back to the one who gave it.
      • Our gifts and calling are confirmed in community with other disciples.
      • The discovery and use of our gifts always results in joy for us and in blessing for others.

Read the Following:

      • Romans 12:4-8
      • 1 Corinthians 12:1-31
      • Ephesians 4:1-16


      • What do you think your top 3 gifts might be?
      • Ask a friend or spouse what they think your top 3 might be?
      • Finally, Take the spiritual gift assessment at: http://www.ministrymatters.com/spiritualgifts  
      • Did your results surprise you?  Why/Why Not?
      •  How do you think God might use your gifts in ministry?
      • Take note of your top 3-5 Gifts and share your results HERE.

We will be in touch with you to further discussion and reflection about the ways to grow and use your gifts for God’s Mission and Ministry.

To see a full detailed list of the Spiritual Gifts and Attributes, click here: Spiritual Gifts Descriptions and Attributes